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Wednesday, October 28, 1998
Dear Colleagues,


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Good Morning!

The Oscar Award for Acting should not be given out in Hollywood, but throughout the land to those outside of Christ, who, as Solomon observed  put up a bold front.” (Prov. 21:29)

On a recent talk show, a well known icon of show biz and big business projected the air of self-sufficiency, and a cool togetherness that would intimidate “Tinsel Town” ’s “Rocky”. I couldn’t help but wonder, “Is he really that good?  That together?”  I doubt it. I am betting he should get an Oscar for acting!  And the fact is, he is lost!

The Prophet Isaiah described the condition of the lost as:      

In darkness
In ashes
In shame                                                         

The Prophet then spoke of Christ’s saving grace that offered them:

His favor
His comfort
His beauty
A heart of gladness and praise.  (Isa. 61:1,2,7)

The demoniac and townspeople of Luke 8:26-39 graphically typify the lost who are living in chained bondage among the dead. They are isolated, self-destructive, and wrongfully fearful of what commitment to Christ might entail. 

It is hard to imagine that our lost associates are in that condition as many of them brilliantly cover their “lives of quiet desperation” (Henry Thoreau) with Oscar-level acting.  Indeed, many are “putting up a bold front.”

My sister and her husband were two such people. As well known public figures with six lovely children, and an attractive home, they lived what appeared to be a privileged lifestyle that was the envy of many. Beneath the surface, however, existed two individuals who were living lives of quiet desperation. At age 33 she was dead, and four years later he followed suit.

So, we must not be intimidated or fooled by our lost acquaintances’ impressive pattern of life or “bold front.” Rather, we need to comprehend the fact that behind the brouhaha may well exist people of “quiet desperation”. People who need to be liberated from their bondage to sin, into the joyful freedom found only in Christ. 

Today, will you courageously choose to be His messenger of love and liberation to them?


My prayer is that you are having a great week!

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