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Monday, December 12, 1994
Dear Colleagues,


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Good Morning!

How easy it is to write people off who fail to live up to our expectations:

John Mark, a youthful recruit of Paul and Barnabas, walked out on the team in the middle of a missionary journey.  A “deserter.”  (Act. 12:25; 13:13).

Three years later Paul and Barnabas sharply disagree over this quitter…this “deserter.”  Barnabas wants to take him on yet another missionary journey, and Paul adamantly says no. (Act. 15:37 – 39)

John Mark:  The quitter. The deserter.  The cause of sharp dissension among Christian leaders.  A looser.


  • Years after John Mark’s failure, Paul writes from a prison cell asking Timothy to “Pick up Mark and bring him with you for he is useful to me.”  (II Tim. 4:11)

John Mark, the “deserter” had become “useful” to hard-nosed Paul.

  • Of John Mark, F. F. Bruce writes:

He “was to play an important part in Christian history over the next 30 years“+:

 –  Acted as Peter’s interpreter in Rome

–  Reproduced Peter’s preaching in  the Gospel of Mar

–  Founded the church in Alexandria, Egypt

–  Probably served as Dr. Luke’s informant in the early accounts of Acts

Tough-minded Paul wrote John Mark off as a deserter…a looser.

Battle “softened” Barnabas believed in John Mark and reinstated him to the cause.

And John Mark rose to become a significant force in the founding of the early church!

So…NEVER GIVE UP ON ANOTHER PERSON! Only God knows what they may become!


My prayer is that you are having a great week!

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